“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I change."

--Carl Rogers

“I have never before met a therapist who combines this level of intelligence, intuitiveness, warmth, compassion, commitment and humor. Mukti was possibly the first person in my life who offered me complete acceptance. I felt seen and heard and I found that deeply healing. She helped me identify my own confusing patterns and lack of boundaries in relationships and gently and firmly helped me set boundaries. She has constantly guided me to sit with my grief and not run away from it/distract myself as I am used to doing. She has been my biggest champion these last few months when I experienced overwhelming change, turmoil, shifts, loneliness and isolation in the pandemic. She helped me identify my PTSD and gave me tools to deal with it. She has unreservedly seen and shared what’s good and right in me to help me see it too, to help me on my journey towards self-acceptance and self-love.
“Rather than describing Mukti as a Psychologist, Psychotherapist etc., I would describe her as a genuine, well-grounded human being who always provides me the space for working on myself.
The methodologies she uses through her academic credentials and experience has been a great value add for me. I am able to see great progress in my quest of exploring myself and becoming a better version of myself."
“Mukti has been an amazing support and just what I needed to be able to deal with my panic and anxiety attacks. Being in therapy with her has helped me in more than one way and I have been able to face my fears much bravely now. Her vibes are very positive, her voice is comforting, and I have always felt safe and validated by her. She has coached me to be kinder to myself and that is exactly what someone should have done to me years ago. Mentally, I am in a much better place now and have been able to look ahead in my life. Mukti has kept me sane.”
“Mukti is a ray of sunshine in a dark room. With love, kindness and wisdom she is able to guide and help her clients walk on a path to growth. She enables them to become free of past conditioning and really sets them up for success. I’ve personally benefitted greatly from my conversations with Mukti and she has been my safe space and haven when I’ve needed it the most.”