Individual Therapy-
"Why do I feel so stuck?"

Therapy involves a deep introspective process that may or may not involve a mental health diagnosis according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-V). Therapy looks at interpersonal relationships, family history, childhood dynamics, traumas, and identifies and heals your maladaptive coping patterns.
Is Therapy right for you?
Therapy is appropriate for those who recreate unhealthy or self-sabotaging patterns in their life that often get in the way of their healthy functioning in the relational, occupational, or personal domains. Therapy can also serve as a space for reflective practice and deep growth- the start of an upward spiral.

Group Therapy-
"How do I show up for myself and others?”

A therapy group fosters intimate conversation providing both insight and ‘outsight’ and, can undo isolation, reduce distress, provide healing and make for deep-seated changes in the inner life and personal relations. Long term format (a commitment of 40 sessions or one year) is aimed at embedding you in a community that is relational, reflective and reparative.

"How do I plan to reach my goals?"

Coaching focuses on individual progress, highlighting strengths and challenge limiting beliefs that keep you stuck. Coaching varies from therapy in that it is more fast-paced, and generally for those that have already done some form of therapy or healing work. It is short-term (6-12 sessions). Coaching does not diagnose or treat any kind of mental illness that is included in the DSM-V or delve in your past.
Is Coaching right for you?
The ideal coaching client is someone who already has a therapist or has done some previous form of healing on deeper issues and who is highly functional in their current life.