"We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.”

-Ernest Hemingway

Professional Supervision

Seeking supervision is in the best interest of your clients and a proven way to create a reflective practice.

I am a certified Professional Supervisor approved by the ACA (Australian Counselling Association and the IAPS (Indian Academy of Professional Supervisors- Membership No.-AM046). My approach and training in supervision is modality agnostic.

Case supervision, professional development, practice development and management as well as self care issues are addressed as required in sessions. 

You can express your interest to explore supervision with me here- https://forms.gle/bJ7TmQeabP4HvQsC6

Group Supervision

Do you want to create a reflective practice with a peer group that is safe and supportive?
Being a therapist/counselor in private practice can be a lonely and isolating experience. Groups are a rich repository of perspective and support.

Groups are usually diverse with varying levels of experience and therapeutic orientations and everyone is welcomed and treated as a peer.

If you are a mental health professional in private practice interested in a trauma-informed space you can fill this form to express your interest- https://forms.gle/WS5fjgDjf6Gkj3rdA